Rock 'n Roll!

by Violet 8. June 2011 16:53

Did I tease you all a couple of weeks back about a new show I added to my schedule? I did, didn't I? Yes, and I'm not sorry about it one bit my lovelies! I'm a horrible, flirty tease after all. :)

CopyrightI am very happy to announce that I will be in the Miss Indigo Blue's Academey of Burlesque Alumni Spectacular: Rock 'n Roll!

I will be sharing the stage with with some amazing performers including Sir Eddie Van Glam, Mitzy Sixx, Olatsa Assin, Candy Apples, Vixen Valentine, and many more. I think there are fourteen performers in all for this one night show.

The show is at 9:00 pm in the West Hall on the 2nd floor of the Oddfellows Hall located at 915 E Pine St. in Seattle for those who are 21 years of age and older.

Tickets are $17 at the door, $15 from Brown Paper Tickets, and $12 from a performer.

Rock 'n Roll: an alumni spectacular!

We want to shake you all night long. Come put a dime in our jukebox, baby!

The stilletto-stompin', tassle-twirlin' stars of The Academy of Burlesque have been reaching deep down to find their inner rock star and have come up with something special just for you!

The Alumni Spectacular series showcases graduates of the Academy of Burlesque. Some are very fresh and new, while others are well-trained glitterites that have been gracing the stage in Seattle and around the country. Watch as they give back to their audience...with some sexy school spirit!

This edition of the Alumni Spectacular! will be on Saturday June 18. Doors open at 8:30, and show begins at 9pm in the beautiful West Hall Theater of the Oddfellows Building! Bring your appetite, because The Tin Table will be serving frosty beverages and scrumptious treats for you to enjoy. Come early and hang out in the bar, and stay late to mingle with the stars!

You can also find more information on Facebook event page as well.

Added a new show to June!

by Violet 26. May 2011 08:10

CopyrightWatch this space for more information about the Academy of Burlesque Alumni Show: Rock 'N Roll at the West Hall, 915 Pine St., Seattle!

The line up is nothing short of spectacular and I can't wait for you to see it!

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101 Graduation Recital at the Academy of Burlesque

by Violet 14. April 2011 18:52

What are you doing this Saturday? Because I'd love for you all to come to my graduation recital on that night, either 7:00pm or 9:30pm. Of course, it's not just me who went through this six week session. I will be sharing the stage with my classmates. And let me say, they are amazing!

Ginger Julep is a red headed beauty going through finishing school, finding poise and grace. But balancing thing on your head can be hard. Of course, there are things that can help her.

Lotti Glitterati is quite the doll. No, really, she is a doll. And let me be perfectly clear here, she puts Pinocchio to shame.

Mahogany Sparkles takes  a walk through the candy store and shares her sweet, sweet love of confections.

Mimi Je Menge has a heart of gold and is quite the good girl. I'm sure that when everything is said and done, you'll be agreeing with me.

Olatsa Assin is blonde Viking with a sword and the head of her enemy that burns up the stage from the frozen north. And in case you have any doubts, yes she is that hot with a blade.

Scarlet O'Hairdye has a job that's implemented a new policy. And she'll let you know what just what she thinks of that policy.

And these are just a small sampling of the amazingness that awaits you this Saturday! Seating is limited and these shows do have a history of selling out. Fortunately for you, I can hook you with tickets for both shows!

Taking the first step onto the stage

by Violet 12. April 2011 22:27

For those of you following along at home, I'm completing my six week session with Miss Indigo Blue's Academey of Burlesque here in Seattle this week with my graduation recital this Saturday at 7:00 pm and 9:30 pm. But it's not just me, there are a 11 other ladies who are doing it right along with me. During an e-mail conversation this week, one performer expressed some doubts. She's doing the show and wants to continue to performer, assuming she can handle the show this weekend. I wrote the following reply to her and everyone else in the class. For many, if not all, of my class mates, this is their time doing this. And that's kind of scary, taking that first step onto the stage. I hope the e-mail helps.

I have no doubts that you, and everyone else here, will be awesome and amazing and sexy and funny and entertaining.

There is this thrill to performing for an audience that responds, that yells, that whoops and hollers, and loves you! It’s a high that will last for a while.

When I stepped out onto that stage for the first time at the Little Red Studio on July 9th, 2010, I had only just found that calm that washes over you as you step off the cliff with nothing but faith to carry you. Before that was the jitters that I get before every show coupled with utter fear and terror.

I had a load of self-doubt. I questioned myself about what I was about to get myself into. Was this wise? Who is going to applaud an overweight trans woman? What if I fall again? (I had fallen during tech rehearsal a week prior, spraining my bad ankle in the process casting doubt as to whether I’d be able to perform in the show at all.) My training at that point was a friend and teacher who is an amazing belly dancer with a background in stripping. I had pushed the direction of the classes more and more towards burlesque and I wondered if that was enough. Could I do this?

Once I was in the wings waiting for my music cue to enter—that tremolo that opens Jill Tracy’s Doomsday Serenade—and I was at the point of no return. My theater ethics wouldn’t let me back out now. No, the show must go on. Parasol in hand, I strutted onto the stage.

About four and half minutes later and several layers of clothing shed, the packed house erupted into applause! That was love; love from the audience and more importantly, there was love that felt burst forth from the well of my being. My fears and doubts were unwarranted. That was amazingly liberating and empowering for me. I tweeted from the backstage, “I have got to do this again!”

And I’ve done it again and again. I love my job and, as Scarlett said last night, I love my new normal.

And I am so very fortunate to have met and worked with you all.

You'll rock my world.

This trollop is tearing again, my lovelies, just like I did when I originally wrote it.

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Trying something new. Sort of.

by Violet 2. March 2011 07:45

In less than a week, I am opening a new chapter in journey and I'm going to do something new. Well, it's not that new.

On Monday, March 7th, I will have my first class at Miss Indigo Blue's Academy of Burlesque Burlesque 101 class. The 6 week series culminates in a recital on the 16th of April. You may be saying to yourself, "But Violet, haven't you been performing and even producing your own shows now? Why would you want to do this?" The answer is pretty simple. I want to figure out what I don't know and expand upon that. It's really kind of a tranquil thought, if you ask me. Of course, there several other intangible benefits I hope to reap from this. Over all, I see this as win with an extra helping of awesome.

I am a bit amused that I'll be in two shows, one of which I'm producing, during that six weeks before the recital.

Besides, how could I go wrong when one of the forms I had to fill out included the question, "Which is funnier? A donut, a chicken, or a pickle?" and then asked me to explain why. I'm particularly fond of my answer to that question. If you ask nicely in private, I'll tell you. ;)

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Summer Lovin'

by Violet 29. July 2010 23:42
What are you doing this Friday evening? If your calendar is open, and well, even if it isn't, you make space anyway for a very simple reason.

Miss Indigo Blue's Academy of Burlesque is presenting a very fine show on Friday, July 30th at 9pm, with members of the academy's sexy and talented alumni, including Mitzy Sixx, Miss Vixen Valentine, Velvet la Soie, Chesty La Rue, Persephone Fleur, and many more. Your host for the evening the is the mighty fine Ernie Von Schmaltz.

Summer Lovin' will be is presented at the West Hall, 2nd Floor, Oddfellows Building at 915 E. Pine St. in Capital Hill.

Tickets purchased through a performer are $12, $15 online (, and $17 at the door.

The show is for individuals 21 years of age and older.

This show is going to be hot. I'm going, are you?

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