Sass Boom Bang! Film Strip!

by Violet 30. October 2011 17:16

CopyrightHello again, my lovelies!

Do you like movies? I mean, do you LIKE movies? The ladies of Sass Boom Bang! are back again and this time we're honoring the silver screen this time! Film Strip! is all about those films that we love. Do you like action? Who doesn't, right? Perhaps some science fiction gets your warp core over heating? Blacksploitation of the 70's leaves you in a right state? Then Film Strip will have something for you!

Film Stip! features the talent of:

Mahogany Sparkles
Randi Boom Boom
Scarlett O’Hairdye
Lotti Glitterati
Violet DeVille
Ginger Julep
Olatsa Assin

Allow us to introduce you to our host of the evening, Jenny Sayquah!

Film Strip! at marsBar
609 Eastlake Ave E, Seattle

Film Strip! is a 21 and over show with a show on Thursday, November 10th, at 8:00 pm and two more shows on Saturday, November 12th, at 8:00 pm and 9:30 pm.

Tickets are cheaper than a night at the movies! Just $10 at the door!

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BurlyCon in review...

by Violet 28. October 2011 22:12

Oh, my lovelies, I wanted to share a wrap up of my weekend at the amazing convention dedicated to the continuing education of performers and producers in the burlesque community, BurlyCon. This was the fourth BurlyCon and my second time there. The convention ran from the Thursday, the 20th, through Sunday at the DoubleTree Hotel in SeaTac, just south of Seattle. If you perform or produce burlesque, you should be at this convention. Really, it is just that amazing.

On Thursday, I began my day with a little volunteering at Registration to help things out and then ran off to “Ultimate Organization for Producers” lead by Raylean Courtney. Sadly, I hadn’t started my “BurlyCon Notes” note on my phone at this point--that started on Friday--so things are a little fuzzy. The big word she put up on the white board was "communication". I thought I did a lot of communication when it came to running my shows. Raylean puts me to shame and I walked away with a number of good ideas to make my shows run even smoother. My favorite take was from this class was the notion of remote control vibrating panties for your host as a non-verbal way for the stage manager to let the host know that she or he needs to stall. Yeah, I thought this was magical as well. The only down side of the class was that Raylean and I never got together after the class to share the black magic of Google Docs that we knew. We both use Google Docs in different ways and if we could somehow combine them, our plan for glittery domination will be unstoppable! I was saddened by this for sure, but you do know what this means, right? A road trip to Portland, Oregon, for burlesque, drinks, and spreadsheets! It’ll be grand. More...

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Oh, a new box!

by Violet 25. October 2011 08:20

Good evening, my lovelies!

You may have noticed a new box in that right hand column of my website labeled "Acts and Routines". All of my current acts are there and there's even a link to even more details.

Go take a look. You know you want to...

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Belly dancing at SteamCon

by Violet 13. October 2011 21:16

Good morning, my lovelies!

I wanted to update you with a little performance I'm doing with an amazing and admirable group ladies at SteamCon III this weekend. What is SteamCon? Simply it is a convention geared for purveyors of all thing steampunk and The Timeless Trollop of the Gas Light District is nothing if not a steampunk at her core.

On Satruday, in the Regency Ballrooms E, F, and G, at the Bellevue Hyatt Regency, I will be joining my fellow students of ucanto Belly Dance for some American Tribal Style belly dance with a steampunk flair at 1pm. A membership for the convention is required to watch this show. The day rate is only $25 for a solid day of steampunk excitement and flair if you don't have a membership already. Friday lasts from nine in the morning until two the next morning and the full weekend membership covering Friday, Saturday, and Sunday is but a scant $55. Don't believe me that such wonders abound? Take a look at the convention schedule and see for yourself.

I hope to see you there even though there will be no burlesque in this show. I can assure you though that the music will be grand and the dancing fun.

Won't you join me, and my sisters in traveling entertainment, for a past that never was?

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The Queer It Yourself Variety Show is this Saturday

by Violet 5. October 2011 17:07

Excitement abounds, lovelies! I will be performing in the 7:00 pm show of the Queer It Yourself Variety Shows this Saturday, October 8th, at Seattle University's Wyckoff Auditorium. Treat yourself to some sexy burlesque, sassy drag, fierce spoken word, funny and thought-provoking short films and more! Queer delights will be the talk of the town and the cherry on the top of your of your Saturday night ice cream!


Tickets for each show, the one I am in at 7:00 pm and the one following at 9:00 pm are $10 in advance through Brown Paper Tickets and $12 at the door. If you're attending the Queer It Yourself Conference each show is just $10 as well and it is free for students and faculty of Seattle University with proper SU identification.

But why only see one show when you have the option for two different shows? That's right, see the first show at 7:00 pm with me and then stick around for the second show at 9:00 pm! Doors at 6:30pm for 1st show, and 8:45pm for 2nd show.

The shows will feature performances by
Gigi Frazier
Miz Ginger Snapz
Cole Arden Peake
Collective of Geniuses
Luscious Ladypop
Robin Hood is So Gay! (a short film)
Last of the Red Hot Mamas
Shelby Handler and Nicole Masangkay
A group number by  Amber Flame, Ruby Rouge, Lola LaBang, and Luscious Ladypop!
Devin, from The Flight Academy
Nicole Mikulas-Serletti
Brooke Lynn Bradshaw
Miss Violet DeVille
Anathema Tart
Jordan Deal
Razzle Dazzle Rose
Lola LaBang and Neon Beige
Camilla Saint Sin
Short films by Finn Cottom and Celena Adler!
Roma Raye

...and more!!!

Your hosts for the evening, Miss Gams Galore and Ko$ha


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