Belltown Burlesque Revue on April 3rd!

by newuser09876 28. March 2014 06:57

CopyrightI cannot wait for next Thursday. On April 3rd, the Belltown Burlesque Revue is back in town at the Re-Bar with a stellar lineup!

Tax season is once again upon us with its money hungry filing deadline looming on the horizon. With that dead line, we suggest taking a break from Table A on document 1086. Instead we think you should apply a shimmy credit for the bumps you’ll be enjoying and come down to the Re-Bar on Thursday, April 3rd. The music will hopping, the women will be bringing their all, and the drinks will be flowing from the Re-Bar’s talented bartenders. 

I'm bringing two very fun acts and I'll be sharing the stage with Whisper De Corvo, Ms. Candy Apples, Crystal Tassels, and Katie Kat. 

Tickets for the Belltown Burlesque Revue are on sale now at

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