This Thursday is Debauchery!

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CopyrightYou might be asking yourself, "What is Debauchery? And why might I want to go to such a show?" 

To quote the Debauchery event page:

Debauchery is queers stripping for queers in hot, anti-oppressive space, raising money for organizations that serve the queer community.

The show features stripteases, tons of audience interaction and even birthday lap dances onstage! Be sure to bring plenty of dollar bills -- a portion of the proceeds goes to non-profits providing health and social services within the queer community.

At our July 18th show, we'll be presenting a Community Fund Grant to Zenyu. Come and celebrate with us!

So that answers the first question. Let me give you the why-you-want-to-go-to-such-a-show...

To see hot people stripping for you! Whether you're queer, gay, straight, bi, or something else entirely, there is hotness for you. The line up at Debauchery is always stellar and this time around is no exception. I have the pure joy of performing with...

  • Al Lykya (my favorite deuche bag with a heart of gold!)
  • Amber Flame (one of the Last of the Red Hot Mamas)
  • EmpeROAR Fabulous!!! (perhaps my favorite Electric Blue Shimmy-Shaker)
  • Ginger Snapz (one of many fabulous glittery smart people I know!)
  • Lily Divine (so much awesome in one amazing package)
  • Mama Lu-cious (I don't know Mama Lu-cious yet but if Lily Divine picked her out, I'm sure she is going to be amazing!)
  • Pidgeon Von Tramp (there is so many wonderful things about Ms. von Tramp that I don't know where to begin)
  • Solange Corbeau (smart, sassy, sexy, and fighting for a better world. What's not to like?)
  • Tootsie Spangles (truly the sexiest Buffoon in the Buff I know and a total sweetheart)
  • Whisper De Corvo (don't mind me, the this tall cool whirlwind of strength and grace has been one of my favorites for a very long time!)

VaGinger Fox and Mama Cane & the Glitter Pussy Riot are our hosts for the evening.

Here are the details you need to know.

When is it? This Thursday, July 18th. Doors at 7:00 pm, show at 8:00 pm (Facebook event)
Where is it? Neighbors Night Club
How much is this going to cost? $10 or Pay What You Can and $15 at the door

Do some good, go see a show.

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