Maker: Hot glue, smooth shiny things, and you

by Violet 9. March 2013 20:54


On Saturday, I debuted a brand new act, The Spectral Carnival and one of the key stones to the costume--and the final reveal--is the mask I wear.

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In the first of what I hope will be a long line of articles about making some of the stuff I do. In the least, it'll be an archive for me to reference in the future but I hope it helps you too. In this case, I had to attach a new piece of elastic to the mask.

Hot glue is simply plastic that we heat up until it melts. While the goo will stick to just about anything thing, once it cools down into a rigid form it's not sticky at all. It's adhesion properties comes from th way it wraps around crevices and fibers while it's still a fluid.

If that doesn't make sense try thinking of it this way: Water in a plastic baggie isn't going to stick to anything. Put it in a wire basket with hole big enough to let the baggie push through but not all the way and freeze it. When it pull it out, chances are you won't be able to remove it until you break the ice or melt it because the water has become a solid mass around the wires of the basket. Now put that same baggie of water into a glass bowl and freeze it again. This time it comes right out of the bow with relative ease.

The same thing happens when you're using hot glue on something smooth and shiny: There is nothing for the hot glue to hold on to. This is not the end of the world and we can fix it simply enough by using some super glue and felt.

Cut a small piece of felt a little bigger than what you're sticking to the smooth, shiny plastic object. Using the suger glue, glue the felt to it onto the plastic object. I find it works best if you saturate the felt with super glue. Becareful not super glue yourself to the felt or the shiny plastic. That stuff will take off skin if you're not careful. I use the head of a ball tipped stick pin to push it down.

Next, place a dollup of hot glue on the felt and using a craft stick or pair of tweezers, push the object you're gluing into the hot glue and let it cool.

When the hot glue cools, you'll find a strong bond between the two pieces. Here's what the inside of the mask looks like.

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