Merit Badges: I got two last night!

by Violet 16. May 2011 02:00

Last night's show, Bullets and Dames, was a resounding success! My performers executed well in spite of some technical difficulties. Both shows were good, but the second show was better. The crowd was livelier, performers were looser, and the overall tone was awesome.

Tonight, however, I did earn myself a couple of Burlesque Merit Badges this evening. Burlesque Merit Badges are given to performers the first time they run into a specific type of trouble during a performance.

Twice The Fun

During the first performance of the night, I lost my left pastie. These pasties were pretty impressive and I had concerns about them staying in place due to their weight, but I would give them a shot as they were very pretty. You see, I like a certain visual aesthetic and these babies had it. By the time I had struck my pose at the end of the routine I had lost the other one as well.

Yep. Two pasties we off by when I stepped off stage.

Okay, round two.

We Have Lift Off

In the second show we tried double sided tape to keep these metal monstrosities on. And for the most part, they stayed in place. Until an untimely should shimmy launched the pastie into a graceful arc that made it to the edge of the stage and proceeded to roll off into the front row.

What was a girl to do? Well, I seem to have this signature move, since I've done it twice now, of exaggerating my annoyance at it so it so clearly visible from the back row, visually curse it in a comedic way and then cover up. Well this time, I used my little red sequined purse like a fan to tease a reveal out of it and then clearly not provide the reveal.

With the audience response I got, I'd saw the ploy worked and I now have two Burlesque Merit Badges. Morgan says that now I've been initiated, I should never have to worry about that happening again. ;)

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