The Great BurlyCon wrap up

by Violet 17. October 2010 17:51

I think the best way to sum up this weekend, and BurlyCon in general, is to repeat the words I spoke when I stepped off of that stage at the Little Red Studio back in July.

Oh my goddess, I have got to do that again!

This weekend has been amazing from the first panel on Thursday about being present to the final volunteering shift on Sunday afternoon. The people I have met have been nothing short of amazing and awe inspiring. These are people who have inspired me to more, including the idea for producing a regular show. It's going to be fabulous!

On Friday, I was able to present a work-in-progress piece for review and feedback. The Wind Up Doll was received and the feedback was absolutely stellar. For those of you who are curious, the music was "Revival" by Beats Antique from their latest release, Blind Threshold.

As with any convention, there was not enough sleep to go around, but I think it is more so with BurlyCon because so many of the classes and panels were very interactive. As a burlesque performers, we move around, we dance, we engage, we laugh and we challenge. That sensibility permeated everything the convention had to offer and it was that much better for it.

"We are all rock stars. Get used to it."
-- Burgundy Brixx, Head Mistress of the School of Tease in Vancouver.

Yes, deark lady, we certainly are.

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