Is this a sad reflection?

by Violet 3. June 2010 02:04

It's really kind of funny these days. I was talking to a friend, and cohort in the passion of burlesque about what music we listen to and how we go about figuring out whether or not we like it. What she said really resonated with me on a couple of levels. We were talking about a certain piece of music, the name of which escapes me now, but she said to me,"I like that song, but the big question is can I strip to it?"

The statement made sense, to a degree, but there was more to it as far as I was concerned, but I am a more sophisticated person than someone who asks if she can strip to a piece of music. So I can take some solace in that fact. I am a more sophisticated person. I judge music on whether or not I can belly dance to it and whether I can strip to it.

See? Look at that sophistication right there.

The stipping component is more complex than most people may realize. A lot of it depends on the tempo of the music and the story I am trying to tell with my routine. AC/DC's "I've Got Big Balls" is great for whipping up an audience something fierce. While I haven't performed to it yet, I have seen this effect first hand when a lovely lady stripped for an audience completely composed of women. Trust me, it was really hot. At that same show, I saw drag king do a routine to "Woody's Roundup" from Toy Story 2. I just can't watch that movie in the same light any more. On the other hand, there is the slow and silky songs for those personal moments. Take "Black", by the Shroud, for example. It flows smoothly over the listener in sensuous motion, targeting those intimate moments.

With the other side of the coin, "Can I belly dance to it?" How do I come to a conclusion? Well, there are few songs I've found that I couldn't. You can stop laughing now. To illustrate my point, my girl friend once took me to a pagan metal music festival one evening. Pagan metal, by the way is like death metal or black metal but with more pagan underpinnings. I danced there in the back of Studio 7, primarily focusing on the slow moves, seeing what kind of effects I could get, moving arythmicly. Mind you, this was pretty early on in my belly dance journey, but I was having fun, goofing around and not moving against the beat. Because of the density of people, I didn't want to do fast moves and accidently run over someone. As an example of a fun, fast song that I've danced to is the "Ghost of Stephen Foster" by the Squirrel Nut Zippers. I brought this into class one night and unleashed it upon the other students. It was chaos on the dance floor and an amazingly fun time. By contrast, some of songs I belly dance to are more what you'd think they might be like. You know, something like Beats Antique's "Sweet Demure", slow and slinky where you move your hips in a slow figure-eight and move your arms like a snake.

In answer to my opening question, "Is this a sad reflection?" I can definately say, "Nope, I'm quite happy about it." Bring on new music and if it makes me want to move or take my clothes off, that works for me.

How do you judge and select your music?

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