The Idea Monster has struck!

by Violet 14. March 2010 17:44

And now I'm left putting the pieces back together. But it's not all bad, the idea has a lot of meat on it bones. And this for a song that wasn't even on the short list. I even think it will work within the framework of Melody's idea. That evil, evil idea.

Are you familiar with Beats Antique? If not, you should be. On their second release, there is this little song called Roustabout. Here's an embed to a YouTube video of the song and someone having a little too much fun with After Effects. ;)

Ever since I first heard this song, it struck me as the Haunted Carnival Theme Song. The beginning of the song is all eerie and ghostly sounding, then we hear the mechanical sounds of the boardwalk clicking and ticking away, and the winner's bell ringing. The costume is something completely opposite of the "Post Apocalyptic Steampunk Strip Tease Minus the Strip Tease Because It's a Family Show". Instead of being prim and proper, this one is torn and tattered. I'm still working through ideas for possible props, with the main one being a huckster's cane.

This gives you the base framework of what I'm thinking here, but I'm not going to give much more away for two reasons. First, giving away too much spoils the fun. Second, I still need to run all of this Melody on Thursday. So it could change pretty radically until then.


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