Reflections on Saturday and homework for the road ahead...

by Violet 12. March 2010 08:24

Last Saturday, the 6th of March, I competed in the Emerald Rain Bellydance Competition, doing my bellydance-burlesque fusion piece, "My Post Apocalyptic Steampunk Strip Tease Minus the Strip Tease Because It's a Family Show." (When Melody read that, the room broke up into laughter. Score!) I didn't place, and from what I understand, I was edged out of 4th place by a mere 10 points. Three of the five judges gave me excellent feedback and apparently, one thought I had publicly performed once before. One judge even said she wanted to see the piece after working on it some more.

Over all, I am feeling much better about Saturday. Direct link to the video.

So now, looking towards the future, I have some homework: I need to pick one song and only one song to develop another routine for. This is torture, I say! Making me pick one song! It's torture because I have so many ideas at the moment.

So I figure we can parade a few out and see what people think.

First up, my first concept was for the Coin Operated Girl to Beats Antique's "Dope Crunk". (Finding a good YouTube video with decent audio of this song was definitely a trick!)

I toyed with the idea of "Under the Radar" by Abney Park, but I think I'd rather put together a troupe performance to this song, rather than a solo piece. I think it would work much better in such an environment.

However, the idea of doing a bellydance-burlesque fusion piece to "Until the Day You Die" is still a strong way to go, if you ask me. Of course, I'd have to learn the Charleston so I could integrate it into the routine, but I fail to see a downside to that.

On the drive home from class, I just had to go through my bellydance playlist and see what else popped out at me. The CD Single version of Loreena McKennitt's "The Mummer's Dance" struck a chord with me. This is close to that version, but not quite. Speaking of mixes, Rob D's "Clubbed to Death (Kurayamino Mix)" is another I'm toying with.

So my dilemma is what do I choose? I have a week to pick one.

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