Acts and Routines

Acts! Numbers! Routines! What ever you want to call them. Here are the ones that I have prepared and the ones not far from being finished!

Big Bad Wolf

Abney Park’s Victorian Vigilante provides soundtrack to this drag king burlesque performance where we track the Big Bad Wolf  through the cobble stone streets of a steampunk land full of fairy tales.


Breaking Up With Death Is Hard To Do

The lovely sounds of Unwoman's "The City" fuels this piece about a woman reclaiming herself after a break up with the Grim Reaper. A little fun and a little sad.

CopyrightDoomsday Burlesque (Also known as The Post Apocalyptic Steampunk Strip Tease)

Jill Tracy's "Doomsday Serenade" provides the darkly cabaret feel of this routine filled with corsets, parasols, and gas masks!


The Duel

Live theater is magical. No two performances are ever exactly the same. Sometimes it's as simple as flubbing a line. Or a pastie pops off. Perhaps the music just stops or it's the wrong music. Imagine for a moment that things have gone really wrong and two burlesque performers are on stage at the same time. The Duel is a duet with Miss Candy Apples. A mash up of Artie Shaw's Nightmare and Good Co Music's Jazz Player segue into bond's Duel.


Easter's Lament

Inspired by Neil Gaiman's book, American Gods, Easter's Lament is an interpretive fan dance that conceptualizes Easter's own internal conflict and fear as Mr. Wednesday attempts to recruit her for the their side in the upcoming war between the old gods like her and Mr. Wednesday and the new gods of Media, Internet, and the government spooks that exist simply because people know that they must exist somewhere. The melancholy of Easter's sadness is beautifully set to Alex Parks' cover of Mad World.

CopyrightThe Fastest Piece of Junk in the Galaxy

He's a scoundrel. He's a pirate. He's our favorite smuggler from a galaxy far, far away. This love letter to Han Solo even includes some playful jabs at the Special Edition of the original trilogy. The Piano Guys serenade us with a medley of Star Wars music they like to call Cello Wars.

Copyright Green Angel
Even angels get wrong information about job requirements. This fun pieces starts in the green and find's it way from there. Set to the Squirrel Nut Zipper's song"Blue Angel".

CopyrightHeavenly Bodies

A young Miss DeVille, before her years of trollopdom finds a way to get the attention of her teacher. The song Yakko’s Universe, from the animated television series The Animaniacs provides the quirky background to this education.

CopyrightThe Heist
On the run from the cops, our thief hides out and then begins changing her clothes to give them the slip. Blackbird Orchestra sets the tone of this noir piece with their song Deception and Desire.

CopyrightI Was A Teenage Zombie
There's a zombie and there's music! Rob Zombie's hit Living Dead Girl provides the beat that raises this poodle skirt wearing teenage zombie back from the grave in this camping throw back to 1950's horror movies.


CopyrightJazz Player

You're a musician? That is so awesome! I think you'll agree. Good Co Music's tune of the same name tells the story of a horn blower working the gigs he can get.


The Kicker

A classic pose and peel strip tease with a boa set to the electro swing stylings of Good Co Music's The Kicker.

CopyrightMuppet Show Memories
A classic burlesque piece performed to the Muppet Show Theme as played on the banjo live by Nathaniel Johnstone. This layer cake of an act will bring homages to Kermit, Animal, and Gonzo the Great.


Rockin' A Night Out
A girl getting ready for a night on the town can be ordeal. The Stray Cat’s rockabilly styling of their song Rock This Town to a reverse strip of getting ready and going out.

Copyright"S" is for Snatch
There's something magical about a furry monster who eats just about anything. But what happens when that monster can't use her mouth? The routine features a lot of fur, some eye catching pasties, and cookies--lots of cookies. The Fleetwood Mac song "Big Love" helps tell our orgasmic story.

The Spectral Carnival
They say that when the clock chimes on the stroke of midnight, the veil that separates this world from the next thins. Sometimes the shroud thins so much that time stands still and some things can step across, bringing both delight and terror for those who bare witness. Beats Antique's creepy opening to "Roustabout" sets this ghostly carnival in motion.

Stone Cold Romance

Inspired by the 1984 film, Romancing the Stone, this tale follows our mousy romance author down into the jungles of Colombia where she seeks out "El Corazon". Eddy Grant's song "Romancing the Stone" provides the sound track to the piece.


CopyrightThe Windup Doll
"Revival", by Beats Antique, told me the story of this doll who only had minutes to live and find out who she is. A classic steampunk tale if ever there was one.


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